Flesh And Blood

“…Clear your schedule because you will not be able to put it down…”

“It’s safe to say the last pages will be stuck in your head for days”

Sam Hunter has grown up in a relatively poor household. When his family comes into some money and moves to an affluent town, he feels out of place in his new environment. He now lives close to the imposing Bierce Priory. Its owners, the wealthy and influential Greenhills, are the town’s resident philanthropists and a case study in success. 

Slowly, Sam uncovers the terrifying truth about the Greenhills and the town they live in. A truth so disturbing that Sam’s life becomes a living, freakish nightmare, in which he is forced to doubt his own sanity…

Shortlisted for the Lancashire Book Of The Year Award

This was written some time ago, so it appeared under my ‘original’ name, Simon Cheshire.


“Wonderfully gripping from the outset… There are moments when I found myself thinking You’re not really going to do that are you? but the narrative races along, carrying the reader with it to its dramatic finale. This is most highly recommended for readers who love a good horror story and have strong stomachs. They needn’t be YAs, either” – British Fantasy Society

“An immaculate timepiece of horror” – Alasdair Stuart’s Man Of Words book blog

“Cheshire has a talent for writing the terrifying and the gruesome, whilst making it so addictive that it’s impossible to stop reading, even if you can’t sleep for a week… At some points in the book you get spine-tingling chills that set you on edge. No book can scare you to death and grip you like this one; clear your schedule because you will not be able to put it down” – The Guardian

“A compelling story that isn’t afraid to ratchet up the suspense and rip up the bodies” – SFX magazine

“If your idea of a great book is blood, gore… and a good mystery to solve, then you will love this… I loved this book so much that all 336 pages were finished in less than 3 hours… Sam is a brilliant main character and easy to connect to. The book is fast-paced, action packed and I genuinely couldn’t put it down” – Zoe Collins’s No Safer Place book blog

“I loved it! It becomes very hard to judge who to trust as the story goes on so you are constantly on edge. The author does not shy away from descriptive crime scenes so maybe don’t read this late at night or right after your dinner. I recommend this to you if you enjoy a creepy book that will have you up until the early hours reading books that are even more sinister than they first appear. Fantastic book!” – Edel Waugh’s Book Blog

“The plot was really great and felt like a classic horror story, yet refreshing – but the themes were just unnerving… It’s safe to say the last pages will be stuck in your head for days… The story is definitely one of the most grim things I’ve come across – some points I got real chills. Definitely recommended, though only if you can handle its creepy contents. I’m now apprehensive about going to the doctor’s” – The Bibliomaniac

“The plot is believable, to the point where you can’t help but worry that somewhere in the world, this might be happening… The book reminded me of the good old days, when Stephen King was King and Richard Laymon and James Herbert were the Crown Princes of Horror” – Serendipity Reviews

“A fusion of The Burbs, Frankenstein, and The Stepford Wives… a cracking read. It starts out plain creepy, gains momentum and builds up a painful level of tension, and then switches to straight out terrifying as it races to its unexpected conclusion. The ending of this one will stay with me for a long time” – Zoe Markham Writes book blog

“Pulls no punches… Cheshire weaponises the usual teenage concerns of fitting in, first love and embarrassing family… Intensely smart story design, character and plot wrapped around one another so tightly you can’t see where one ends and the other begins… The class politics in the book are fascinating… A heady combination, balancing John Wyndham with the Angry Young Men and classic YA character tropes and Cheshire makes all of it not just work but work in unison” – Alasdair Stuart’s Man Of Words book blog

“Imagine every nightmare you’ve ever had about doctors and surgeries, every terrifying dream you’ve ever had about being tortured… and then imagine it ten times over, and you will never reach the level of horror that Flesh and Blood has… I haven’t seen very many authors who can frighten me and amaze me, enthral and intrigue me, horrify and distress and yet have me do nothing more than think about the book in question” – Nellie and Co

“Messed up and gory, Flesh and Blood goes beyond the unwritten boundaries of ordinary books into something completely different that makes my stomach turn and my blood pump with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and horror… I loved this book but I will warn others that if you aren’t into scary or gory content then maybe stay away” – Muddy Puddles Book Blog

“Warning: This Book Is Not For The Faint Hearted! And I say that because it’s gory. Very gory. But if you’re a fan of gore – you will adore this book… The writing is solid, the pacing is good… Definitely worth your time if you’re looking for a good old horror story to challenge the nerves!” – lovereading.co.uk reader reviews

“Anyone looking for a creepy, spine chilling read should check out this book – Maia Moore Reads

“Flesh and Blood is not a mild horror book… it also could be terrifyingly real… The build-up is great, and it gives the chilly atmosphere you expect, and believe me, it goes a long way… my type of book, strange and creepy” – Studio Reads book blog

“If I only knew that this book would draw me in as much as it did, scare me to death reading late at night and make me feel a bit icky whilst eating a good spag bol….but all in a good way!” – Tales Of Yesterday book blog

“Simon’s writing will have you reading this book on the edge of your seat and with your fingers covering your eyes. You have this overwhelming feeling of doom – you know something bad is going to happen but you just don’t know what – or when… Parts of it will creep you out and be playing on your mind long after you’ve turned the last page… The lead up to the ending of the book is proper breath-holding stuff. You honestly can’t tell what’s going to happen and at this point I especially felt for Sam. I was genuinely scared for him… Flesh and Blood will unsettle you and make you question what’s really behind your neighbours closed doors. Chilling, gruesome and full of some shocking and quite disturbing twists” – Bookaholic Confessions

“The horror elements of Flesh and Blood go beyond the gore factor… Watching Sam investigate the matter and the slow build up of clues and evidence was fascinating… If you like your horror gory and tense and your heroes earnest and straightforward, then you should definitely pick this up” – Fantastical Librarian book blog

“Really creepy and twisted… This is a book that deserves to be read in a single sitting (partly because it will drive you nuts trying to figure out what happens next)” – Random Acts Of Reviewing

“I loved the story from the start… It really made me connect with Sam as a character and want to read on… I very much doubt anyone would work out what happened before it is properly revealed” – Readaraptor book blog

“The narrative is pretty exciting and the characters easy to relate to. At the opening I was reminded a lot of Ira Levin’s The Stepford Wives with its picture of domestic serenity at a new housing development, where something disturbing lurks beneath, but then it plunged into a world of mad gruesome Frankenstein science” – Horror Hothouse

“The subtle air of paranoia, claustrophobia that was created within the community thanks to the Greenhills, was great to read and it really let the horror seep in to the story” – Reading In Between The Lines

“5 stars… This is a really ghoulish read that takes in the utterly mad and evil side of science… This story should keep you hooked from beginning to end, and doesn’t let up on the tension and suspense… Ideal for teens and upwards this is a story that is deeply unsettling and will hold your imagination long after you have finished it” – amazon.co.uk reader reviews

“Cheshire certainly knows how to lull a reader into a false sense of security. Even I was doubting Sam at certain points of the story… Will definitely have you looking at your neighbours funny for days! A great, creepy, thrill ride” – amazon.co.uk reader reviews