as Richard Gadz

  • The Workshop Of Filthy Creation (Deixis Press 2021) This title won Best Horror in the 2022 New Generation Indie Book Awards

as Simon Cheshire

Here’s a (sort of complete, but missing bits) listing of the books I wrote under my real name. It’s books only, it doesn’t include things like articles, guest blog posts and radio scripts.

Fiction for 7-10 year olds

  • Me And My Big Mouse (Walker Books 2002; reissued 2010, ebook edition)

Fiction for 8-12 year olds

  • Jeremy Brown Of The Secret Service (Walker Books 1997)
  • Jeremy Brown And The Mummy’s Curse (Walker Books 1998)
  • Jeremy Brown On Mars (Walker Books 1998)

These three re-issued in 2004 as a bind-up paperback, Jeremy Brown: Secret Agent; re-issued as a bind-up again in 2010 as Jeremy Brown: Spy in print and ebook editions. Also issued in audio editions.

  • They Melted His Brain! (Walker Books 1999; reissued 2010)
  • Totally Unsuitable For Children (Walker Books 2000; also audio edition; reissued 2010)
  • Bottomby (Walker Books 2000 [as Dirty Rotten Tricks]; reissued 2010)
  • Me And My Big Mouse (Walker Books 2002; reissued 2010)
  • Deadline (A&C Black/ Bloomsbury 2011, Black Cats series) This title won the 2012 Portsmouth Book Award
  • Airlock (A&C Black/ Bloomsbury 2014, Black Cats series)

SWARM series

  • Operation Sting (Stripes Publishing 2014)
  • Project Venom (Stripes Publishing 2014)
  • Codename Firestorm (Stripes Publishing 2015)
  • Target Silverclaw (Stripes Publishing 2015)

The first two volumes also issued in audio editions

Saxby Smart: Private Detective series

  • The Curse of the Ancient Mask and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2007)
  • The Fangs of the Dragon and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2008)
  • The Pirate’s Blood and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2008)
  • The Hangman’s Lair and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2008)
  • The Eye Of The Serpent and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2009)
  • Five Seconds To Doomsday and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2009)
  • The Poisoned Arrow and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2009)
  • Secret Of The Skull and other casefiles (Piccadilly Press 2010)

Various volumes from this series have also been issued in the US (Roaring Brook/ Square Fish 2009-2012), as well as in Turkish, Polish, and other overseas editions.​

Non-fiction for 8-12 year olds

  • Saxby Smarts Detective Handbook (Piccadilly Press 2010)
  • How To Write A Story (Bloomsbury 2014)
  • How To Get A Grip On Grammar (Bloomsbury 2015)
  • How To Be A Snappy Speller (Bloomsbury 2016)

Fiction for teenagers

  • Kissing Vanessa (Piccadilly Press 2003)
  • Plastic Fantastic (Piccadilly Press 2004)
  • The Prince And The Snowgirl (Piccadilly Press 2006)

The above three titles were romantic comedies, also issued in various overseas editions, including in the US, Europe and the Far East.

  • Flesh And Blood (Red Eye horror series, Stripes Publishing 2015) Shortlisted for the Lancashire Book Of The Year Award 2016

Short stories

  • The Giant-Sized Yuck (in Story Of The Year Vol.6, Scholastic 1998)
  • The Adventure Of The Dented Computer (in The Young Oxford Book Of Mystery Stories ed.Dennis Hamley, OUP 2003; reissued in Bovine Espionage And Other Stories ed.Jeremy Strong, OUP 2014)
  • Later (in Like Father, Like Son anthology, ed.Tony Bradman, Kingfisher 2006)

Books for schools

  • Hello Its Me (short story in Texting Texting: Science Fiction Stories, Ginn KS2 Guided Reading Programme 2003)
  • Tomb Raiders: Discovering Tutankhamun (Treetops True Stories series, OUP 2003; U.S. edition published by Pacific Learning, 2005)
  • How To Upset A Victorian (Lightning series for Year 6, Harcourt Education 2003)
  • The Scheming Of Morgan Le Fey (in Arthur And The Legends Of Camelot, Lightning Year 6 Plays series, Harcourt Education 2003; reissued in a standalone edition, Pearson Education 2008)
  • The Pit And The Pendulum (adaptation of the Poe short story, in All Alone, Navigator guided reading series, Harcourt Education 2004)
  • The Monster Of Pit Street (Collins Big Cat Progress series: Purple Band 8 Copper Band 12, HarperCollins 2013
  • The Boy With Wings (Collins Big Cat Progress series: Gold Band 9, HarperCollins 2015)

Heinemann Primary SEN Rapid” range, Series 1 (Harcourt Education 2006)

  • Level 4A
  • Wild And Windy
  • Robots Rule!
  • Zoooom!
  • Huge And Hungry
  • Double Trouble (Benchmark assessment book)
  • Level 5A
  • Fun Or Fear?
  • Space School
  • Scary Hair
  • Fun With Food
  • Aliens And Enemies (Benchmark assessment book)
  • Level 6A
  • Mystery In The Skies
  • Code Breakers
  • Dangers Of The Deep
  • Ghostly
  • Heading For Danger (Benchmark assessment book)

Heinemann Primary SEN Rapid range, Series 2 (Harcourt Education 2007)

  • Level 3A
  • Super-Sized!
  • Space Junk!
  • Mighty Machines
  • Testing Times
  • The Last Laugh (Benchmark assessment book)

Superscripts series (Rising Stars, 2007)

  • Space Raiders
  • The Cave Of Death
  • Revenge!
  • Sam’s Flood Plan (Project X series, Oxford Reading Tree, OUP 2009)

Bug Club series (Pearson Education 2010)

  • Escape In Egypt (level Orange A Phase 5)
  • Chase In New York (level Orange B Phase 5)
  • Run In The Rainforest (level Turquoise A)
  • Underworld (Teen Reads series, Badger Learning 2014)

Fiction Express – online stories, pupils vote on each chapter’s outcome

  • Mission Improbable (weekly serial, February 2013)
  • The Vampire Quest (weekly serial, September 2013)
  • Mission Improbable 2 (weekly serial, June 2014)
  • Deena’s Dreadful Day (weekly serial March 2015)
  • The House On Strange Street (weekly serial June 2015)
  • Captain Jellybeard And The Giant South Sea Prawn (weekly serial September 2015)
  • Captain Jellybeard And The Ghost Ship (weekly serial February 2016)
  • Captain Jellybeard And The Island Of Fear (weekly serial March 2017)
  • Spacejacked (weekly serial May 2017)