How Mary Shelley changed history

It’s not exactly news that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has had a big impact on pop culture, and the well-known story of its inception during a rainy holiday at the Villa Diodati is the stuff of legend, but while I was doing background research for my new novel The Workshop Of Filthy Creation (a title whichContinue reading “How Mary Shelley changed history”


Published to coincide with publication of my novel The Workshop Of Filthy Creation… You’ve previously written a whole variety of books, covering a wide range of genres for an array of readers, including best-selling children’s literature (as Simon Cheshire). What draws you to writing science fiction, horror and speculative fiction specifically? They’re the genres inContinue reading “Q&A”

Never give up, never give in

Sometimes, when you’re a writer, an idea takes up residence in your head, demands squatter’s rights and simply won’t leave. My new novel The Workshop Of Filthy Creation is a case in point. When it’s published at the end of October (coming soon! watch this space!) it will have been lounging about in my brain,Continue reading “Never give up, never give in”

A brief history of gothic horror

Horror stories – for the most part, anyway – are all about bodies. Bodies changing, bodies dying, bodies coming back to life, bodies being bitten with fangs. All the things which can transform, or damage, or distort us (physically or emotionally!) are what’s at the heart of most scary fiction, either in books or onContinue reading “A brief history of gothic horror”